You Tube Channel Art

YouTube’s global audience is massive! Billions of users every month…

you tube marker
YouTube is HUGE!  It is the third largest search engine on the web.  Video marketing is becoming a strong force in business advertising. However, if you have your own channel page, have you noticed that You Tube has really gotten a face-lift? Your page may look like this now…
However, this what you can have sized properly…
zowie_marketing yt channel
They have made major changes in your Channel Page! You now must add what is being called Channel Art . If you are having a problem getting graphics that not only correlates with your web site and helps to brand your business, but fits in that YouTube section and will fit on a Smart Phone screen, and iPad, I can help. Call me today at 501-420-2779, and leave your name, phone number, and the best time to reach you. If you have the images/logo, and your web site theme’s background, your Channel Art is $225. If I will need to get the background image for you, as well as, other images, the cost will be $375 to $425, depending on your choices and if you need a logo made.  Installation of a video on a Channel is $55 if description is included. If not included, video installation plus a description with URL links is $150. Video creation starts at $525. When your requested order is received, I will send you a an invoice and a form that you will need to fill out with your web site address, your You Tube Channel, and the particulars to let me know what you would like to have in your “Art”, as well as, the color scheme. Channel Art
 Please message me to request your order. Click below. An invoice will be sent to you.
Nothing increases awareness of your business lightening fast than through a video. You can now be a part of the millions of searches on YT. Do be active in putting up videos for your business. Don’t make just one or two and feel that it is sufficient in today’s marketing. You need several, and you need to add at least one new video every 8 to 12 weeks to keep people abreast of what you are doing and interested. We live in a social world, and keeping in touch with people is so important for building loyal, long-term clients/customers. We can help promote you whether you have a legal firm, real estate business, medical practice, service business, network marketing business, store front business, a band, organization, ministry, etc., through video. It is targeted and effective marketing, and it sends your web site “Google Love” in the search engines. In fact, if you are now advertising on TV, Google research has shown that you can multiply your revenue by submitting videos about your business on You Tube, also. Doing both, is much more effective than just doing TV advertising. And, having a YouTube Channel URL that is personalized just for your business is important for those search engines, too. Above is a sample page “Channel Art.” You can see it live HERE. We create Channel Art for businesses and personal use, as shown below.
channel for movie site
No You Tube page should be plain. So have fun with video, and call us for your personal “Channel Art” for your You Tube Channel Page.

Let’s get you search-worthy on YouTube and the rest of the World-Wide Web.

Thank you… Donna my-picture-red-frame (1) Please Note: By sending me a payment through Square or PayPal, you are acknowledging that I have permission and legal right in creating your personal Channel Art or profile image to use any and all images, content, and information from your web site for said Channel Art. Thank you