Mobilegeddon & You!

News_mobile60% of all global searches are done on mobile devices. Most of those searches are local searches-people looking for local businesses to fill a need. In doing so they use their phones while on the go.

Sometime ago I learned that there were over 3000 searches for Italian retaurants in our tourist home-town on mobile within one month. If restaurants did not have a mobile website, they were missing out on that traffic.

If you know for sure your website has passed the Mobile-Friendly Test, you are safe from  the Google Mice update being dubbed Mobilegeddon that occurred April 21st, 2015. If not, contact me to find out if you are. I will send you your report.

I must warn you, though. Some sites appear mobile friendly, but when tested, surprisingly, they aren’t. And, if that be the case, you need to make some changes right now before your competition, who is mobile friendly, gets strides motley_mobileahead of you and your site gets demoted in its ranking even further. This is serious!

You see, your site is either mobile-friendly or it’s not. There’s no “more or less” mobile-friendly. It is a Pass or Fail test.If it isn’t, it will affect your search rankings and you can kiss being on the first page in your business category in Google via mobile good-bye.

If you are wondering what this Google update is going to cost you to become Mobile Friendly, here are some rough estimates: If your website is what you want to continue to use, we can make you a beautiful mobile site with many amenities that your visitor will love that will compliment your exiting on-line site. It will not change your existing site at all. Within a few days, it will be completed. You will be recognized by Google instantly as being Mobile Friendly and your ranking should be re-established within a relatively short period of time. Prices for this website starts at as low as $397. If your website is not mobile friendly and you want a redo, we have two choices: We can build you a website and make you mobile friendly with a simple, functional site starting at $497.00. Or, if your business is in need of a sophisticated, beautiful custom website, optimized for mobile, as well as, optimized for search engines, we will build you a beautiful, functional website with the prestige your company deserves. Prices start at $1897.00  Contact us today. Click below. Go Mobile Now before your competition, who is Mobile Friendly, captures 50% of your traffic leaving you in the dust. button for web site P.S. If you are on a tight budget, fill out the form, and we will do our best to work with you. Our goal is have every business mobile friendly! Ref: