QR Codes-Examples

Why Have Boring Black & White Qr Codes? What if you can having exciting,
eye-catching codes for your business which are statically more likely to be scanned?

Advertise your business the new, strategically smart way that gets results using QR Codes. It couldn’t be easier! QR Codes can be plain & black, or they can be designer codes with your logo or photo on it. Below are a few examples. (Note: One or to may not be active t the time of scan.)

QR Codes are not only for businesses, churches, events, etc., but, also, Social Marketing, too.  You can have a QR Code linked to your favorite social media site and put that on a business card. Be proud of what you are sharing and let others know about it. 

You can even add an email address, or PDF to the code. Request our report that is on this web site on the first QR Code page.

facebook blue
store facebook


qr code2

Angels Restaurant

The cost will depend on what features you wish to have.

To order, click one of the buttons and pay through PayPal.

AM_mc_vs_dc_ae Fill out out my contact form to let me know your contact details, color choices-1 main & 1 accent plus the URL, PDF email or other link, your name, business, email, phone number.

Designer Code-$137.00

button designer code

Designer Code with Logo or Photo – $197.00

code with logo

Designer Code with Logo/Image, and corner art work of choice. – $279.00 (Normally no more than 250  X 250 px) You could have a flower, animal, etc., with a transparent background, however!

Send the corner image to me first before paying so I can preview and approve use. If you do not have a specific image, but would like one, one can be obtained for you- $35.00-$55.00 extra. Call for request. contact@zowiemarketing.com

code logo image

Color choices may be changed depending on if the color chosen can be scanned.

Prices valid through December 15th.

Banners made for Facebook or Pinterest with your purchased code, $47.00 sized to fit.

banner with code

You can use QR Codes in your Facebook Posts and on Pinterest.

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To your success, Donna