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Local Directories Are Your Answer for More Exposure for Your Business!

Unless you have a planned social media and on-line directory optimization strategy, it is most difficult for businesses to take advantage of this trend. Even coping with it will be a struggle. Social media and On-line Directories are growing quickly, and they have become the barometer for business popularity.

There used to be only phone books in which to advertise. Now that is the antiquated way to market your business if that is the only venue you are relying on to bring you new customers. On-line Directories are the new yellow pages. Experts tell us that people now check the On-line Directories and Social Networks to view ratings and reviews before visiting a business the first time. If you don’t know what a Local Directory is, allow me to simply explain. They are the new phone books of the 21st century with names like Yelp, Manta, Google Plus, and so many more. And, yes, there is even Yellow Pages. Sound familiar? These websites are changing the way the businesses advertise. Animated-Character-3 Everything has gone on-line, and you need to be listed on these sites. People look up a business on these websites to check out where you are, what you do, and to read reviews of your business. People now inspect your business online through directories, and they are very thorough. The Online Local Directories online are far surpassing the use of phone books, and are much more reasonable in cost for advertising with more coverage. They are the new way to get local buzz going about your business.  
For an Overview of Local Directories, Watch This!

Just one of the advantages to having Online Directory Listings is that you have numerous authority sites back-linking to your website bringing you web traffic to your website.


So what do you have to do?

First you have to claim your business. If you don’t claim your business on these many websites, someone else may do so. Yes, there are malicious people who do just that to other business people putting their information where yours should be. It’s hard to imagine, but it does happen. You don’t want that. It definitely becomes more complicated and prevents you from making immediate changes such as placing the correct address and phone number on the directory page for your business, or responding to a bad review until you get it changed which can take time. Having all your citations, or business listings, in your name is the first step to good reputation management, too.

However, you may be thinking…


“I’m busy. I don’t have time to claim all the listings and do all the submissions. Where would I even start?”


Call us to do it for you so you can keep your focus on what you do best- Taking Care of Your Business.


We help businesses track, measure, manage, and keep a close eye on your business.

And, Google is not the only search engine people are using. Bing and Yahoo
are widely used and becoming more and more popular. You want to reach people who
use directories on those, too. So all the popular directories associated with those Search
Engines are, also, targeted for submissions for thorough coverage.

There are so many benefits to knowing that your house is in order, so-to-speak. 

Our service sends you notices of reviews by email or text so you can stay on top of those reviews. It will post the high rated reviews to your Facebook page automatically, if you wish, which brings more eyes to your pages.

And, we now can point people to your business through targeted mobile technology such as

OnStar,  Verizon Navigator,  CoPilot Live,   CoPilot Truck, & many more…


GPS mobile targeted systems while people are traveling within a designated distance to make YOUR business stand out locally from your competition. This is most advantageous for restaurants, motels & hotels, spas, tourist attractions, realtors, and more!


Allow us to turn on advertising muscle for your business in this tech driven world.

Call us today. We have two levels of services to fit the needs of every business. And, when you subscribe to our services, you will receive a Complimentary Comprehensive Local Report for Your Business.

We want you to know where your business stands and get a visual of what needs to be fixed. We will help you get listed properly-manually-so it will be done correctly!


Given the facts, the best time to do Local Buzz or to ramp up local listings for your business is right now. Catch up with your competition, or keep them at bay and expand your business to new horizons. We are here to help you make that happen.

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