Why Social Marketing?

 Watch this short video for an explanation as to “WHY SOCIAL MEDIA IS POWERFUL FOR YOUR BUSINESS.”

Social Media engages the visitor or clients. When you utilize Social Media, you are no longer just a business. You and your staff are real people with whom they can relate, and who they will come to find out cares about them and their needs.  It changes the whole scope of doing business in the 21st century.    
  1. Phone books are very impersonal. Newspaper advertising is impersonal, as well. However, when people connect with you on social networks, everything is different. You can put up surveys to find out what your clients needs, coupons, use QR codes, and so much more to get your visitors to follow you and refer you to others which then makes those referrals FREE leads. WOW-Isn’t that different than spending, literally, thousands every year on advertising methods that are hit and miss?
  2. Referrals through viral social networks can bring customers to your door IF you do it correctly. Every one of the more than a billion people on Facebook, yes, that’s a billion plus people, (staggering numbers, aren’t they?) have at least, on the average, 134 friends on Facebook that they interact with on a regular basis, and who could then interact with you.
  3. If you are already spending money on advertising, how is that working for you? Do you know what your Return On Investment is?
    Call me. As a Certified Social Media Campaign Consultant, I can help you monetize your advertising dollars to get the best results.    

Allow us to make sure you are well represented in social media. Click the image for a report as to our special services to get you social online. social-media

To your success,

Donna Kudabeck

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