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Are Facebook Timeline Pages Confusing to You?

If they are…

We can Help!


photo_for_facebook_page Donna Kudabeck is a Certified  Social Media Consultant. She creates custom made pages for every business from lawyers to store owners and personal pages for individuals.These are 3 are example pages.   She, also, makes your Timeline page, another web site for you by installing pages within your Facebook page. Please see  her own example at Facebook.com/zowiemarketing. You see, you can have pages and pages off of those through secure apps to display your services.   Share your successes that have been publicized, insert videos to introduce yourself and your business, promote your blog, make special offers, and more on your Facebook pages. Most business owners are not aware that one can have that: It has been a well-kept secret by the big corporations until now. It is what gives you power over your competitors.   People love the interaction, and they will share you on social networks as a result.   Combine Facebook with Mobile Marketing and Designer QR Codes, and you have a non-stop marketing venue to reach more people to promote your business and expertise. This method is amazing for attorneys, doctors, and other professionals, as well.   So don’t just have a one page, boring Timeline. Call us today to find out how you can optimize Facebook and the one billion users for your business.    

For Your Timeline Page…


checkmark2Re-Design your page to optimize your Timeline.

checkmark2Create an Effective New Cover Image to Better Serve Your Brand.

checkmark2Re-Design your Profile Image so that it Better Reflects Your Company and sized properly.

checkmark2    Rewrite your “About Section” to Bring Users Further into Your Page and/ or Website.

checkmark2Create Custom Pages to gather Opt-ins, promote contests or otherwise engage your audience.

checkmark2Rearrange Apps and customize their thumbnails to direct fans where you want them to go. Those APPS can direct your visitors to separate pages within FB, to surveys, contests, a shopping cart to sell products, etc.

checkmark2Create Purposeful and Significant Milestones for your brand and offer coupons, place videos on your page, and so on.

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